A better place for photos.

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Your new camera.

Polymo is built around a simple camera designed for mobile photography. No clutter, no junk - just a clear view that lets you focus on what's important.


Curate your moments.

Add tags before you take photos and your collection will be organised as you shoot. With Polymo's tagging you can begin a delightful, more considered way of taking pictures.


Sort your memories.

Polymo lets you sort your photos in a way that reflects your life. A summer trip, night out with friends or even more selfies. There's never been a simpler way to look back through your memories.

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automatic hashtags

Share more moments.

Share photos with Polymo and tags will turn to hashtags as you post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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organize photos

Enjoy simple sorting.

With Polymo’s focus on simple design and elegant interface, adding tags before or after the moment is a breeze.

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private photos

Keep things private.

Hide the moments you want to keep for yourself and enter a passcode protected mode for a little more privacy.